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Working in winter weather conditions can add additional challenges to any lifting project, especially those involving glass, stone and cladding vacuum lifters. Wind, cold, rain and snow can cause a range of issues with vacuum lifters which is why you should always follow the guidance of the manufacturer’s instructions.

Follow our tips below so you can ensure that your vacuum lifter is working to the best of its ability in winter.

  • Never use your vacuum lifter in below-freezing temperatures as their performance can be reduced at 0˚c and below. Using a vacuum lifter in these temperatures can also result in moisture in the vacuum system freezing. The frozen moisture will expand and cause potential damage to fittings, pumps and seals.
  • Preform a precheck before using your vacuum lifter, especially in freezing conditions. Seals should be intact to prevent moisture accumulation in the system that could later freeze. Ice in the system is a hazard as it can block airflow or interfere with seals and cause vacuum leaks.
  • You should not use your vacuum lifter in rain, snow or conditions that will cause the lifter or load to get wet. Water will make lifting unsafe as your vacuum lifter will not be able to maintain its grip or suction on your load. Once rain and snow has stopped you should clean and dry your lifter and loads free of any ice, frost or moisture.
  • Batteries are much less effective in the cold as they lose capacity – this includes vacuum lifter batteries. This can mean that you need to charge your lifter more often and may not be able to perform as many lifts as in the summer.
  • Vacuum lifters should be stored indoors in a warm and dry environment. Your lifter should also be covered up as this prevents frost as well as dust. Doing this can stop damage caused by moisture and the cold.

This blog offers general advice on the use of vacuum lifters in winter weather, but correct usage may vary between individual products. If you are unsure of how to use your vacuum lifter safely in the winter, follow the manufacturer’s instructions or ask your supplier for advice.


For more information on how to safely use your GGR-supplied vacuum lifter contact us here.

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