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In the fast-paced world of construction and lifting, innovative solutions that combine power, versatility, and compactness are in high demand. Enter Spider Cranes, the game-changing lifting equipment that has revolutionised the way heavy loads are handled in tight and challenging spaces. In this comprehensive introduction, we will delve into what Spider Cranes are, how they work, and why they have become indispensable tools for lifting operations across various industries.

What Are Spider Cranes?

Spider cranes get their name from their four outriggers which give this machine an arachnid-like appearance. These innovative and highly specialised machines are designed to tackle projects where larger conventional cranes cannot access or operate efficiently. Mobile and compact our Mini Spider Cranes can be folded into a cuboid shape for easy transport into tight locations. The legs can then be extended to give the crane a wider centre of gravity for increased lifting strength which is disproportional to the size of the crane.

UNIC URW-1006 installing glazing.

UNIC URW-1006 installing glazing.

Key Features

As some of the most innovative cranes to hit the UK construction industry in the past two decades these cranes supply unique lifting solutions to a range of customers. Some key features make our Mini Spider Cranes stand out from the crowd, setting them apart as machines that get the job done.

Compact Size

Bigger isn’t always better as proven by the mini spider crane. The compact size of these machines means they can traverse through doorways and narrow access points and are suited to locations where the ground bearing capacity may be weaker. The smallest spider crane in our range is the URW-094 which weighs just 1000kg and has a width of just 595mm.

Heavy Lifting Power

Despite the size of our UNIC Mini Spider Cranes, they have an amazing ability to lift loads that are similar in weight to the crane itself. This is a stark difference to many other cranes which can often weigh twice as much as their maximum capacity just to support a lift. The feature of multi-positional configurable outriggers enhances the lifting ability of spider cranes as they provide stabilisation and spread the weight over a larger surface area.

Electric or Diesel

With the ever-changing requirements for more eco-friendly options in construction, it is important to keep up with advancements in technology. The option of electric-powered spider cranes is important for the construction industry as many projects require lifts indoors or in sensitive environments. With the electric 095 and 295 alternatives, you don’t have to sacrifice lifting power or any other special features which easily keep up with the diesel machines.

Applications of Spider Cranes

Spider cranes are extremely versatile machines, designed for small spaces and heavy loads they can be utilised in an array of projects.

Glass Installation

Mini Spider Cranes pair perfectly with Glass Vacuum Lifters and other accessories to provide a safe and precise glazing installation. Their lightweight design means they are able to lift from roofs, between floors, and from the ground. Able to fit into tight spaces due to their compact size they are ideal for lifting glass where larger cranes wouldn’t fit, such as on top of The Shard where our 706 helped out.

Indoor Lifting

Performing any crane lift indoors comes with many difficulties, especially when getting past normal-sized doors and narrow corridors. GGR Group supplies cranes of many sizes as well as electric alternatives for two of them. The option of electric allows customers to keep great air quality during indoor lifts and makes it suitable for sensitive jobs such as in food manufacturing or medical buildings. With the smallest spider crane in our range being just 595mm wide you can easily fit it through a standard doorway.

Heritage Sites

Heritage sites often have intricate architecture and narrow pathways that traditional cranes cannot easily reach. Mini spider cranes can be positioned closer to the work area without causing damage to the surrounding structures. Their compact design and ability to access tight spaces ensure that the crane’s operations do not disrupt the site’s aesthetics or structural integrity. With precise controls you can perform careful and controlled lifting operations that can prevent accidental damage to artefacts, structures, and surroundings.

Advantages of Spider Cranes

Cranes offer a way to lift heavy loads to where you could not do so when manually handling them. With a spider crane, you receive many more advantages than the average crane as they are designed with practicality and usability in mind.

UNIC URW-1006 Mini Spider Crane lifting in the trees.

UNIC URW-1006 Mini Spider Crane lifting in the trees.

Compact and Versatile

Squeeze your Mini Spider Crane into all sorts of spaces due to its compact design. The crane’s foldable outriggers and sturdy tracks make transportation across site simple and quick. As they can fit into any space while still lifting sizable loads it means their versatility across lifting projects is unmatched.

Quick Setup

When going on site it is important to set your crane up as soon as possible so you can finish the project in a timely manner. This is so you can keep your customer happy with the progress being made and so you waste less time and money. Our Mini Spider Cranes setup is simple through the use of the controls. These allow you to track the crane to the correct position and quickly unfurl the outriggers into a safe position for lifting. With the optional radio remote control, you can also perform this setup from various locations nearby.

Reduced Site Disruption

Mini Spider Cranes cause minimal site disruption due to their compact size and precise manoeuvrability. They can access confined spaces without altering site layouts, reducing the need for extensive setup. Being compact allows the cranes to travel through site without dismantling them just to fit them through buildings or narrow access points.


With the addition of spider cranes in your lifting project you can benefit from all the advantages they provide as well as avoid issues that often come with larger cranes. Although we have answered the question of ‘what are spider cranes?’ you may still have questions. To find out more about these amazing machines contact us here.

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