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Ever wondered what GGR Group looks like behind the scenes? Well, wonder no more as you can now wander around our very own Haddenham HQ in our interactive virtual tour.

Captured during one of our open days for customers and industry professionals you can tour our grounds with a full equipment set up as well as see where the magic happens at our desks, training spaces and engineering areas.

This 360 visual experience allows you to walk through our corridors by simply clicking in the direction you want to travel or alternatively you can skip to specific areas you wish to visit with the quick navigation feature at the bottom of the screen.

The virtual tour has a range of mini-tours which allow you to view equipment up close. You can see 6 telehandlers from the Faresin diesel and electric ranges which have eco-friendly power with the choice between a stage V diesel engine and electric. The impressive surrounding windows in the cab offer an enhanced view of obstacles and hazards. Inside the cab, viewers can see the spacious interior offering ultimate comfort during long operations.

This VR tour also has the option to take a crane and infrastructure mini tour where you can see a variety of GGR’s products. Machines include spider cranes, tracked carriers, pick and carry cranes, scissor lifts and more. Able to get up close you can truly appreciate their size and power without the limitations of a 2d image.

Following the red carpet into the exhibition rooms, you can see the Haddenham warehouse and many more of our innovative lifting solutions. Throughout the exhibition rooms, there are red circular information tags you can select to discover more about any machinery that catches your eye. By clicking View More it’ll reveal all the essential information about the product.

If any of our lifting solutions pique your interest be sure to contact us here.

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