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Visitors will see red this summer at the Serpentine Gallery, London – a place that focuses on modern and contemporary art. Its summer pavilion was designed by world-renowned French architect Jean Nouvel and is a contrast of lightweight materials and dramatic metal cantilevered structures. The entire design is rendered in a vivid red glasswhich in a play of opposites contrasts with the green of its park setting.

The red glass, with panels that weigh up to 370kg, was installed with GGR’s Hydraulica 1200 vacuum lifter. This offers powered 90 degree hydraulic tilting, 270 degree manual rotation and a dual circuit vacuum system.

Everything inside the pavilion is red – from the red Smeg fridges behind the bar, to the Frisbees haphazardly strewn across the grass. It is filled with objects intended for games and leisure, including chess sets and picnic blankets. It embraces fun in all respects!

The colour has been used to reflect the iconic British images of traditional telephone boxes, post boxes and London buses – We must say, a very cultural and eye catching method.

Nouvel has said that he wanted to add something new. He said, “Perhaps it’s not necessary, but one needs to be a little optimistic, a new exercise in the way of art and architecture.The red has a strong energy and is complementary of the green park, which you can see and feel all around you.”

This is a very refreshing approach from Nouvel. He has made it a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors – be it picnicking, a game of draughts or lying reading blissfully in the shade.

He went on to say,“To combat the sun beating down on you, the roof opens and closes, and the pavilion takes on the feel of a shaded terrace. This also intensifies the red inside, augmenting the green outside.” Yet another of Nouvel’s play on light and colour, further evoking feelings and sensations as part of the experience.

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