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Electric Telehandler

GGR Group has announced that they are the exclusive UK dealer of the Faresin 6.26 Full Electric Telehandler, which is currently being showcased at the Executive Hire Show 2020.

The new Eco Telehandler is designed and manufactured by Italian company Faresin Industries and GGR Group recently took delivery of the first three models in the UK.

Featuring a lifting capacity of 2.6t, this innovative, eco-friendly telehandler is powered by a lithium battery, lending itself to a range of benefits and notable savings in maintenance and running costs when compared to combustion engine equipment.

Unlike standard wet cell batteries, lithium batteries can be opportunity charged without any damage or life reduction to the battery. The fast charging system means the batteries can be topped up at break times or at convenient intervals throughout the day, minimising downtime. Conventional charging can also be used to effect when the materials handling equipment is not in use.

The standard 300Ah battery has a battery life of up to 6 hours (depending on use) and a recharge time of 3h 45mins using the standard external three-phase charger. This can be reduced to 1.5h by using the optional external fast charger.

Graeme Riley, CEO of GGR Group commented “We are pleased to be the first to bring yet another exclusive product to the UK market. The introduction of this product is a very exciting prospect for the GGR team. Not only does it allow us to extend our expertise to the wider materials handling market, but it gives us a new avenue for growth”.

Daniel Ezzatvar, Marketing Director commented “We have a proven track record of creating markets for new products and it is testament to our ability to do so that we have been chosen by Faresin to build the UK market for the 6.26 Full Electric Telehandler.

Over the next few months we are offering the opportunity to demo the new machines at one of our sites. In support of this, we have created dedicated marketing materials for this product and have a new website live at

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