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The GF180 Pick and Carry Crane lifting loads inside a bottling and packaging plant.

GGR’s GF180 pick and carry crane was recently supplied to help lift, pick and carry industrial machinery, as part of redevelopment works, at a bottling and packaging plant in the UK.

The new G180 pick and carry crane was hired from GGR group, to help lift, install and assemble components to form a new bottling line. This heavy weight machine made light work of the largest machine component, which came in at 9 metres in length, 2 metres in width and 2.4 metres in height.

Selected for its heavy lifting capacity and 12.2 metre lifting height, the 18-tonne capacity machine had to lift, shift and place loads weighing up to 7 tonnes, in confined working areas, where lifting space was restricted, without the need for outriggers.

Scott Ainsworth, European Technical Support Director at GGR Group commented “The GF180 is the latest addition to the GGR pick and carry crane fleet”.

“Battery operated and offering fume free lifting, GGR Group’s range of Galizia pick and carry mobile industrial cranes are a proven and popular choice amongst customers for handling, carrying, assembling, installing and removing machinery and components in factory environments across the UK”.

He continued “With a fleet of pick and carry cranes varying from 2 tonnes capacity, up to a huge 25 tonnes capacity, the GF180 is a welcomed addition to the pick and carry range and we look forward to supporting our customers lifting needs with this versatile, heavy lifting machine”.

The GF180 Pick and Carry Crane lifting loads inside a bottling and packaging plant.The GF180 has three hydraulic boom extensions, offering an overall maximum lifting height of 12.2m with an optional 18 tonne capacity rhino hook and two stage 9 tonne capacity or 6 tonne capacity hydraulic searcher hook is also available.

At just 1850mm wide, this machine is perfect for heavy lifting in some of the most confined and hard to access areas. This model also includes a radio remote control, for greater control and placement of loads and a convenient on-board battery charger.

GGR’s battery-powered Galizia compact cranes are ideal for lifting in confined, sensitive and clean environments as they don’t emit any fumes. These fume-free machines have worked in workshops, factories, power plants, busy construction sites, food manufacturing sites, water treatment plants, schools, hospitals, department stores, museums and more.

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