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No.1 for lifting solutions, GGR Group, was recently involved in the installation of fixed cladding panels for a new build area.GGR Group's UNIC URW-706 Mini Spider Crane with searcher hook and Flexi-Clad VCL12 cladding lifter installing cladding.

For this full contract lift the customer required a crane and cladding lifter combo that could work together seamlessly to deliver precise placement of the horizontal panels. With this being a new build site ground conditions were particularly muddy which required a crane that could easily traverse across site.

Following the site survey, lift plan and risk assessment GGR selected their UNIC URW-706 Mini Spider Crane with a searcher hook and the Flexi-Clad VCL12 vacuum lifter.

The multiuse URW-706 has a compact size which is disproportional to its heavy-lifting performance. With a working height of 19.5m and a working radius of 20.8m when combined with a searcher hook this crane had the reach and precision needed for this lift. Fitted with robust rugged tracks the 706 is also perfect for taking on rough terrain and gradients of up to ±20˚.

GGR Group's UNIC URW-706 Mini Spider Crane with searcher hook and Flexi-Clad VCL12 cladding lifter installing cladding.Designed to handle horizontal panels of up to 8m the Flexi-Clad was perfect for lifting the 2000mm and 5000mm panels which weighed 100kg and 250kg respectively. This 400kg capacity vacuum lifter has an impressive 10-hour battery life which was ideal for this 3-day hire, especially with the short 4–6-hour recharge time.

GGR positioned the URW-706 in front of the customer’s scissor lift for the optimum working location. The panels were brought to the lift area by telehandler and the GGR team picked each panel from the pack using the Flexi-Clad. Using the 90˚ manual tilt the panels were positioned from flat to upright (in horizontal orientation). The team then lifted each panel over the scissor lift to the recess for the fitters to install with a tagline stabilising the load during each lift.

GGR Group frequently provide equipment and full contract lifts for cladding installs and roofing purposes. With a range of cranes and lifting equipment available for hire, we can provide you with a lifting solution for across many building and construction needs. Contact us here to find out how we can help you.

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