Nemo Grabo Vacuum Suction Cup (Battery Powered)

Capacity: 170kg

From window installation, woodwork projects, and warehousing, to flooring projects. The Nemo Grabo Vacuum Suction Cup is the ideal tool for lifting non-porous materials. 

The Nemo Grabo Vacuum Suction Cup is an innovative way to lift and handle tiles, concrete flags, drywall, and other non-porous materials, including a variety of wood.

Boasting a lifting capacity of up to 170kg and a generous battery life of up to 1.5 hours of constant operating time when fully charged. The Nemo Grabo supplies constant suction to an object, ensuring a secure lift.

Includes 1 X charger and 1 X Batteries as standard. For Sale Only.

  • Capacity: 170kg
  • Vacuum Suction Cup
  • Battery Powered Up to 90 Minutes Of Constant Use
  • Supplies Constant Suction For Secure Lift
  • Works On Non-Porous Materials
  • Includes 1 X Charger
  • Includes 2 X Batteries As Standard
  • Ref: AHN90
  • For Sale Only

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