MFC 750 Floor Crane

Capacity: 745-900kg

Featuring a lifting capacity of up to 900kg the MFC 750 floor crane has been designed for use on rooftops and in confined areas and is also perfect for lifting loads over obstacles on site.

Designed for use with below the hook vacuum lifters, the MFC750 can also be used with an electric hoist to raise loads from the ground up.

The MFC750 features a maximum hook height of 2.9 metres and its swivel castors make it ideal for travelling across smooth, flat surfaces. Rough terrain tyres are also available for working on uneven ground.

This versatile floor crane also features an optional Z Boom to allow loads to be lifted and lowered over balustrades, walls and permanent structures on site. It also includes an extension arm to easily lift materials below building overhangs and soffits.

The optional long boom increases the maximum distance from the front wheel to the hook to 2300mm from 1400mm when using the normal boom, the maximum working height is also increased to 3.35m.

Training is available for the MFC 750 Floor Cranes from the GGR Group, find out more about our LEEA Accredited Module 3 training.

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Our new LEEA-accredited eLearning course is now available, designed to help you operate these floor cranes efficiently and effectively.
  • Capacity: 745kg (short chassis), 900kg (long chassis)
  • Counterbalanced floor crane with a hydraulic lifting arm and a maximum hook height of 2.9m
  • Easily assembles and disassembles for transport and to enable access to restricted or hard to reach areas
  • Lockable wheels
  • Long Wheel Base Weight: 644kg approx. (28 counterweights)
  • Short Wheel Base Weight: 618kg approx. (28 counterweights)
  • Ref: MCO19

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