Glassboy 850 Floor Crane

Capacity: 850kg

From glass installation work and shop front glazing to fitting loads below an overhang and general workshop lifting, the Glassboy 850 floor crane is a reliable lifting aid that suits a range of below-the-hook devices such as GGR Group’s vacuum lifters.

With the ability to handle loads of up to 850kg and a maximum hook height of 2.8m, the Glassboy 850 can also be positioned between floors or on rooftops and can be used with an electric hoist to raise loads from the ground up. This compact floor crane comes with a long wheel or short wheelbase and sees the addition of outriggers for stabilising during lifting. The Glassboy 850 includes a hand pump that can be relocated to be close to the load or away from the load as required.

Its optional large rubber wheels allow the Glassboy 850 floor crane to be used on slightly uneven ground. It is a truly versatile counterbalanced floor crane thanks to its easy-to-assemble, highly portable frame, and flexibility to assist in a broad range of applications.

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Our new LEEA-accredited eLearning course is now available, designed to help you operate these floor cranes efficiently and effectively.
  • Capacity: 850kg
  • Counterbalanced floor crane with hydraulic lifting arm and maximum hook height of 2.8m
  • Easily assembles and disassembles for transport by van
  • Lockable wheels
  • Wheel options: Solid (Optional) or Castor (Standard)
  • Moveable hand pump
  • Long Wheel Base Weight: 794kg approx. (20 counterweights), 310kg approx. (without counterweights)
  • Short Wheel Base Weight: 778kg approx. (20 counterweights), 294kg approx. (without counterweights)
  • Ref: MCO23

Technical Specification

Glassboy 850 Long Wheel Base Capacities

Note: Castor wheels must be facing forwards to accomplish the above capacities and reach.

Glassboy 850 Short Wheel Base Capacities

Note: Castor wheels must be facing forwards to accomplish the above capacities and reach.

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