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Features into Practice – ECO driving

With our fleet replacement campaign we have been working with our vehicle supplier DAF Trucks UK to ensure the latest vehicle improvements are relayed through our driving workforce.

When new vehicles come into service at GGR Group, our drivers receive a one to one handover (in-depot) with DAF. To enhance the information flow, the DAF training team have supported GGR Group by running a bespoke course at our Haddenham depot (Features into Practice).

This course targets the latest technology in the DAF fleet which is explained by classroom presentation and vehicle featured familiarisation completed with instruction through practical driving.

DAF1The range of features covered in the course – 

Vehicle design, Safety and environmental improvements with (AEB)Advanced Emergency Braking, Cruise control, (ACC) Adaptive cruise control, Variable speed limiter, (LDWS) Lane departure warning system, update on emissions and the HVO (Hydro-treated Vegetable Oil) being developed for use in DAF trucks, new gearbox axle ratios, driveline, 3 levels of regeneration, ECU software, Aerodynamics HVAC and after treatments. DAF2

With the support from DAF training, GGR Group have been able to relay this more detailed information and hands on training to our drivers through ongoing assessments, driver training and reviews.

Adrian Richards, Group Transport Manager at GGR Group commented “This training and information given by DAF UK training team has enhanced the understanding and practical use of these systems, this has enabled the benefits to be promoted with our drivers to reduce emissions and increase road safety”


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