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The new elearning training information made available from FORS allows operators and drivers to take advantage of the important learning modules, which are designed to offer drivers and managers concise, accessible training. FORS eLearning modules generally take 20-40 minutes to complete and are followed by a short quiz. Certificates are available to download on successful completion of the quiz and your name will automatically be added to the FORS Professional training register.

Adrian Richards Head of Transport quotes

“FORS have introduced a new suite of eLearning for drivers and manager which reflects the current trends related to road transport. New additions to the suite are Bridge Smart and Security and Counter Terrorism which supports key areas designed to improve company awareness.

FORS3Undertaking FORS Professional training, drivers and managers have helped GGR Group to improve fleet performance in relation to safety, efficiency and environmental impact.

Through our training programme, we assist our drivers to become better drivers by investing in their training. From learning how to drive more safely in urban areas to understanding how to reduce fuel consumption, they have become valuable assets to our company.

Our drivers complete all the available eLearning modules as part of their driver development, with our company workstations located in key areas within our site, this enables drivers to access the FORS professional learning suite.”

Our Managers are active in completing not only the managers but also the driver’s eLearning.

Driver’s View

Lee Haigh Cat C driver at GGR Group Oldham commented “In my time working at GGR I have completed many courses and various eLearning sessions but I have found the FORS eLearning courses to be the best particularly the Cycling Safety eLearning course. This for me was the most productive as I am not a cyclist myself so all the information I gained from this course was very effective in making me aware of cyclists and our requirements on the roads. I thought the FORS eLearning website was very easy to navigate around as it was well presented & pretty much self-explanatory. It’s nice to have a computer in work dedicated to completing the eLearning and also time set aside in my working day to go into work and complete the eLearning rather than having to go home and find the time out of my personal time to complete the training. The only thing I can say is a negative on the eLearning courses is when you are doing some of the courses back to back they become a little repetitive and time consuming but all in all they are very informative and make a massive difference in the way I now preform in my daily objectives as a driver”.

Anthony Jones Cat C1 driver GGR Group Haddenham commented “The eLearning I found was informative and interesting the one eLearning that stands out is the cyclist eLearning, it made me think about my driving. The video clip gave me a chance to see the prospective of being a cyclist and the driver. It has been many years since I have been on a bike and it made me think especially in London. I how notice more when drivers don’t give the cyclists room.

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