Libro 500 & Libro 500 Electric Overhang Beam

Capacity: 500kg

The mid-capacity Libro 500 overhang beam is the perfect solution to lifting up to 500kg glass loads safely and overcoming the challenges of deep overhangs.

The standard Libro 500 model can be manually rotated 180° and locked into place to set loads at an angle, whilst the Libro 500 electric version also has added reverse and forward electric powered tilt function to 30°.

The remote controlled counterweight saddle enables the load to be lowered flush with a building envelope by balancing the Libro 500 closer to the façade.

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Libro 500 Overhang Beam
  • 500kg maximum lifting capacity at 1.5m
  • Dual vacuum circuit  for safety with a gauge for each circuit
  • Manual 180° lockable rotation
  • Manual tilting from vertical to horizontal in 15° increments in (Libro 500)
  • Reverse and forward electric tilt to 30° (Libro 500 Electric)
  • Pendant remote controlled, low voltage, electrically driven counterweight saddle
  • Saddle sandwich overrun stop switches for safety, operates in both forward and reverse directions
  • On-board maintenance-free vacuum pump powered by 12v battery with integral charger or 110v/240v mains
  • Dual vacuum reserve tanks
  • Audio-visual low vacuum alert
  • Not suitable for use in the rain – read more in our safety guide
  • Ref: VOB500, VOB500HT (Hydraulic)

Technical Specification

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