Portable Scrubber

This is the portable version of our Crane Mounted Scrubber and works well with diesel engines up to 50HP.

The Portable Scrubber works effectively with other diesel engine machinery and helps reduce pollutant emissions such as soot particles and nitrogen oxides. It is fully VERT approved and reduces emissions by up to 99%, helping filter the air when working in confined spaces with poor air circulation.

Take a look at our other air filtration solutions – the Compact Scrubber and Crane-Mounted Scrubber.

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  • Up to 99% reduction of particulate matter emissions
  • Designed for diesel engines up to 35kW (50HP)
  • Maximum exhaust volume of up to 460 cubic metres per hour
  • Fully VERT approved
  • Fully portable and mobile
  • Ref: SCRUB2
GGR Group's Portable Crane Scrubber

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