Steel Beam Manipulation Head

Capacity: up to 500kg

Custom-made by GGR’s in-house research and development team, the Steel Beam Manipulation Head is a new attachment for the EMU robot which offers flexible movement for installing steel beams and girders. This optional attachment fits onto the EMU’s hydraulic lifting head which can tilt 80° up and down, making it easy to install 150-254mm wide steel girders, I-beams and U channel beams onto the underside of a roof from below.

The two adjustable clamps attached to the lifting frame are secured around the steel girder ready for the EMU to precisely move it into position for installation using tilt, rotation and slew functions. This is a practical lifting solution for when steel beams need to be fitted very close to the ceiling and there isn’t room to use a below-the-hook clamp or a searcher hook to move the girder into place.

Take a look at how the Steel Beam Manipulator was used at Heathrow Airport. GGR’s team can design and create bespoke lifting equipment to suit your job, contact usfor more information.

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  • Capacity: up to 500kg depending on radius and lifting height
  • Head weight: approx 60kg
  • 150mm – 254mm adjustable jaw on clamps
  • Length: approx 1m
  • Ref: LAH1000
Steel Beam Manipulation Head

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