Slewboy 300/500 Foldable

Capacity: 300kg (side lift) / 500kg (front lift)

The Slewboy 300/500 Foldable takes the proven features of the original Slewboy 500 and offers even more portability with the addition of a foldable mast.

Featuring a maximum capacity of 500kg when lifting at the front and up to 300kg when side lifting, the Slewboy 300/500 Foldable is perfect for installation projects in restricted access sites. With built-in forklift points, removable counterweights, and a slim chassis width of 779mm, this manoeuvrable floor crane is suitable for transporting in a standard work van, offering easy loading/offloading for users.

With the ability to slew 90° left and right of centre with 8 lockable positions, the Slewboy 300/500 Foldable is ideal for glazing projects such as offices, balconies, low-level overhangs, shopping centres and other places where other cranes are unable to fit.

An optional long arm extends the maximum front outreach from 770mm to 1270mm (capacity reduced), and lateral outreach from 892mm to 1389mm (capacity reduced). The Slewboy 300/500 is compatible for use with GGR Group’s wide range of our below-the-hook vacuum lifters.

  • Capacity 300kg (side lift), 500kg (front lift)
  • Max hook height standard arm: 2.53m
  • Max hook height long arm: 2.8m
  • Lockable rear Castor Wheels
  • Lockable slewing 90° left & right of centre
  • Weight 585kg (242kg without counterweights)
  • Number of counterweights: 13
  • Ref: MCO33

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