Oscar 250E Glazing Hoist

Capacity: 250kg

The hoist extends up to 7.5m high in just 60 seconds, saving time on glass installation projects. It has a 250kg capacity.

The Oscar has electric forward and reverse drive to easily move a load around a site with better control, avoiding the need to manually strain with the unit.

Safety features include an overload spring function which actives if the safe working load is exceeded. The steering column also includes an emergency body-bump device, so in the event that the machine comes into contact with the operator the equipment will come to a halt.

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Oscar 250E Glazing Hoist
  • Capacity: 250kg x 7.5m
  • Maximum height: 7.5m
  • Electric hoist & drive in 0-60s
  • Transport dimensions: 1500mm (h) x 770mm (l) x 2450mm (w)
  • 110/240v rechargeable battery
  • Weight: 640kg with 8 counterweights
  • Weight: 456kg without counterweights
  • 50mm +/- side shift for exact positioning of glass
  • Solid filled tyres suitable for operation on flat, solid ground
  • Cable remote control as standard
  • Ref: GRG10

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