Geko 250 Electric PV

Capacity: 250kg

New. The Geko 250 Electric PV retains all the benefits of our standard Geko PV model with 250kg of lifting power, yet features a new intelligent transport mechanism for convenient operation on site.

Operators can easily manoeuvre the Geko 250 Electric PV thanks to the spring-loaded operator’s platform which activates the electrical drive. Precise adjustments and sharp turns can easily be made thanks to the differential gear and handle-mounted control panel.  The sensitive control panel ensures the machine starts gently and avoids jerking when it begins moving.

The Geko 250 Electric PV is fitted with an extra strong 12V battery with 20% more capacity and battery energy gauge. The Geko can travel at a maximum of 4 km/h with its speed controlled using the hand throttle.

Optional 100mm and 300mm extension arms are available to straddle deeper window mullions.

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Geko 250 Electric window robot
  • Max. Capacity: 250kg
  • Weight of machine (with 6 counterweights): 580kg
  • Tilt 30° forwards and 20° backwards
  • Dual Vacuum Circuit
  • Min. Width of machine: 848mm
  • Travelling height: 1255mm
  • Power: 12v battery (240v/110v charger)
  • Battery recharge time: 8 hours
  • Not suitable for use in the rain – read more in our safety guide
  • Ref: GRG05

Technical Specification

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