EMU 300-1000

Capacity: 300kg – 1000kg

The Ergonomic Manipulating Unit (EMU) is designed to glaze a building from the ‘inside-out’ when craneage or scaffolding is impractical or costly. This innovative machine has a unique manipulating head that can angle and push glass, curtain walling and unitized glazing panels outside of a building envelope, realign them and then pull them back into position for fixing.

The EMU was awarded the ‘CN Quality in Construction Award’ and offer glaziers, curtain walling contractors and other subcontractors up to 1000kg of lifting power for effortless fitting. The flexible hydraulic lifting head pivots 80° left and right, tilts 80° up and down and rotates 360° to manipulate loads into the ideal angle ready for fitting. The EMU’s four outriggers enhance stability and reduce the floor loading of the machine.

GGR have developed an innovative attachment for the EMU robot allowing it to lift steel beams and girders – find out more about the Steel Beam Manipulation Head.

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EMU 300-1000 Glazing Robot
  • Hire Only
  • Capacity: 300kg, 500kg or 1000kg (depending on chosen jib)
  • Dual Circuit vacuum system with vacuum gauge for each circuit
  • Audio-visual low vacuum warning system
  • 5.76m reach from floor to pad face (300 – 500)
  • 6.1m reach from floor to pad face (1000)
  • Working radius 4.4m
  • Tilt 80° up and down
  • Head pivots 80° left & right
  • 360° continuous rotation in either direction (EMU 300 & 500)
  • 180°± rotation (EMU 1000)
  • On-board maintenance free pump powered by 12v battery with integral charger or 110v/240v mains
  • Not suitable for use in the rain – read more in our safety guide
  • Ref: GRE05 (300-500) / GRE10 (1000)

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