Woods Powr-Grip MR1611

Capacity: 1270KG

With a 1270kg capacity, the Mr Big vacuum lifter benefits from class-leading heavy lifting power. An ideal aid for installing curtain walling and heavier glass panels, the Mr Big lifter comes with 360° lockable rotation, making it easier to adjust a load’s pitch.

This versatile vacuum lifter can be configured in multiple ways, from a basic four-pad device (320kg capacity) all the way up to a sixteen pad machine (1270kg capacity) thanks to its removable pad frame sections. Individual pads can also be isolated to accommodate irregular loads.

This machine has proven to be a popular aid for curtain walling projects and glazing multi-storey buildings as well as lifting triple-glazed panels. Low-marking pads are also available as an option.

As with most of our vacuum lifters, the Mr Big lifter comes with two independent vacuum circuits as standard, each designed to maintain the vacuum on its own, reducing the risk of falling loads.

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Woods Powr-Grip MR1611 Glass Vacuum Lifter
  • Two, independent vacuum circuits each with vacuum reserve tank, gauge and non-return valve.
  • Manual 360° lockable rotation (continuous)
  • Audio-visual low vacuum alarm
  • Cable remote control
  • Adjustable lift arm extension
  • Removable pad frame sections and pad arms
  • Individual pads can be isolated to accommodate irregular shapes
  • Variable number and spread of pads
  • Reverse airflow (blow-off) vacuum pump
  • Not suitable for use in the rain – read more in our safety guide
  • Maximum wind speed for safe use is 29km/h, 18mph, 16.5 knots or 8 m/s
  • Ref: VGL90

Technical Specification

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