Kombi 7011-AH

Capacity: 1200kg

The Kombi 7011-AH is a single circuit vacuum lifter with a substantial 1200kg lifting capacity, making it an excellent device for lifting in glass factories, manufacturing centres and indoor workshops.

This suction lifter encompasses 12 durable heavy-duty suction pads, which can be individually isolated to accommodate shorter length panels. Manual tilting from vertical to horizontal means a load can be easily picked up and moved onto an A-frame stillage or around a shop floor. Measuring 4000mm long, this vacuum lifter is perfect for lifting taller or wider pieces of glass, plastic, sheet metal and coated board.

To make use of the Kombi 7011-AH vacuum lifter on a construction site, a dual circuit upgrade or the use of a secondary safety device is essential to comply with EU and British Safety standards. Find out more about our cost-effective dual circuit upgrade service by contacting a member of our friendly customer services team today. We also stock a secondary safety device to complement this vacuum lifter.

If you are looking to enquire about the Kombi 7011-AH, or require any further information, contact GGR Group today.

Kombi 7011-AH Single Circuit Lifter
  • 1 on-board maintenance free vacuum pump
  • Vacuum reserve tank
  • Low vacuum warning lamp
  • 90° manual tilting
  • 12 pads, 300mm diameter
  • 12v battery with integral 110v/240v charger
  • Auto switch to battery in event of mains failure and visual low battery warning
  • A secondary safety device is required if using the Kombi 7011-AH for construction sites
  • Audio-visual low vacuum warning
  • Optional low marking pads
  • Individual pads can be isolated to accommodate shorter lengths and irregular shapes (reduces safe working load)
  • Not suitable for use in the rain – read more in our safety guide
  • Maximum wind speed for safe use is 29km/h, 18mph, 16.5 knots or 8 m/s

Ref: VGL65

Technical Specification

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