Fin Lifter 1890

Capacity: 1890kg

The Fin Lifter 1890 is the latest innovation in vacuum lifting for installing glass fin systems up to 1890kg easily and safely.

Boasting a 9040mm length body, it is the perfect for dealing with long format glazing fins which are now a regular feature of building projects. The Fin Lifter 1890 adjustable frame to suit shorter pieces of glass, offering operators the choice of 3040m (750kg), 6040m (1400kg) or 9040m (1890kg) configurations.

The Lifter’s powered hydraulic 90° tilt and manual 360° rotation makes it both easy and safe to install glass mullion and glazing fin systems. In addition, it comes with four independent vacuum circuits; making sure there the glass remains in place in the remote event that one of the circuits fails. All this is powered by an on-board 110v/240v rechargeable battery, and a pendant cable remote control is supplied as standard .

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Fin Lifter 1890
  • 1890kg capacity (24 pads, 9040mm length)
  • 1400kg capacity (16 pads, 6040mm length)
  • 750kg capacity (8 pads, 3040mm length)
  • 360° continuous rotation
  • Four circuit vacuum system with reserve tank, non-return valve and vacuum gauge for each circuit
  • Pendant cable remote control as standard
  • Total Weight of lifter 700kg (+30kg storage trolley)
  • Depth of lifter 421mm
  • Powered by: 12v DC from rechargeable batteries
  • Battery charger: 110v / 240v
  • Standard accessories: cable remote control, extension arms
  • Optional accessories: radio remote control
  • Vacuum Sucker not suitable for use in the rain – read more in our safety guide
  • Ref: VGL66

Technical Specification

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