GGR Brings UK’s Biggest Christmas Tree To Liverpool

One of GGR’s UNIC mini spider cranes was used to assemble the UK’s largest Christmas tree at the Liverpool ONE shopping complex in the North West. The impressive tree, constructed from steel, was assembled by a team of GGR lifting experts using a UNIC URW-706 spider crane.

The tree, which stands 30 metres tall and is the tallest in the UK, took two weeks to assemble. The 23 tonne structure includes a 12-sided steel cone, 280 heart-shaped lights, 314 light rods and more than 2,000 metres of cabling to supply the power to illuminate the giant structure.

The UNIC URW-706 is one of the biggest mini cranes on the market; this ‘maxi’ mini crane is capable of handling loads of 6 tonnes to a radius of 3 metres and a height of 7.2 metres. These impressive lifting credentials allowed the crane to lift the various steel sections of the tree into place with ease.

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