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What is an Outrigger Mat?

An outrigger mat or pad is a pad that is larger than the outrigger itself, made out of a strong material. They typically comprise of dense polyethylene which is a synthetic material that is highly durable, water-resistant, and lightweight. The outrigger mat evenly distributes the weight of the outriggers on the ground. The larger surface area prevents the machine from sinking into soil or damaging hard floors.

The use of outrigger mats also provides extra stabilisation for heavy machinery as there is extra grip for the outriggers compared to some surfaces. The prevention of the outriggers sinking also means the machine will not lean to one side.

Some machines that have outriggers are spider cranes or cranes such as our Starworker 1000-D.


Types of Outrigger Mats

GGR Group's UNIC URW-1006 Mini Spider Crane installing new glazing.

GGR Group’s UNIC URW-1006 Mini Spider Crane installing new glazing.


The use of wood sheets may seem like a cheap and convenient solution when you need an outrigger pad, but it can come with many drawbacks. If using wood readily available to you you will have to assess the capacity it can handle each time it is used, unless it is a purchased wood outrigger mat with a published pre-calculated capacity. This will take up time.

Wood outrigger pads can also be prone to breaking due to their inflexibility and their porosity which causes water to weaken the pads. The porosity can also cause the wood to become heavy after use in wet conditions which is not practical when needing to move the pads around site.


While steel is strong it is also heavy, adding unnecessary weight under a heavy machine. The heavier pads mean that more workers are needed to shift them between locations. As steel is expensive it also means your outrigger pads will be. This means you’re paying more for the same or worse performance.


These synthetic pads are easy to lift and are non-porous, so you won’t need to worry about waterlogging. The long-lasting material means you will rarely have to replace the pads, saving you money in the long run. They are also more widely available so it is guaranteed you will find one that is suited to your needs.


What Size Outrigger Mat Do You Need?

Mat size requirements can be calculated yourself but if you do not have experience in this then we would recommend you avoid it and ask a professional instead. GGR Group’s experts can assist you with accurately choosing the best outrigger mat for you. We also offer crane operator hire and lift plans where needed.

You can speak to our team by giving us a call or contacting us here.

GGR Group's UNIC URW-1006 Mini Spider Crane offshore in Scotland.

GGR Group’s UNIC URW-1006 Mini Spider Crane offshore in Scotland.

Outrigger Mat Top Tips


Outrigger mats are an essential part of any lift involving outriggers, and as the no.1 for lifting solutions, GGR Group is proud to supply the perfect outrigger mat pairing to your machine. Our selection of outrigger mats are listed here. To speak to an expert and enquire about our outrigger mats you can call us or message us here.

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