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Why Hire a Mini Crawler Crane?

Mini crawler cranes are a unique and valuable asset to all construction projects which have the compactness of a mini spider crane and the strength of a pick and carry crane. GGR Group’s mini crawler cranes offer many advantages over more traditional cranes, a few of which we will cover in this blog. When customers hire a mini crawler crane, GGR Group’s team also offers personalised lift plans to see how the job will be achieved. Our mini crawler cranes are always involved in projects that test their abilities, click here to see some of our most interesting projects.

GGR Group's MCC495 Mini Crawler Crane installing glass at a London office.

GGR Group’s MCC495 Mini Crawler Crane installing glass at a London office.

They Are Great For Confined Spaces

In congested urban areas with little space, a mini crawler crane is the best tool for the job. This little machine offers an alternate solution to lifting issues in spaces with limited access. This compact machine’s ability to manoeuvre in tight spaces can remove much of the risk associated with working in confined areas. With our smallest, the MCC383, coming in at 1740mm wide it can easily fit through many double doorways making it ideal for indoor construction work as well.

Take a look at this project last year where our MCC495 Mini Crawler Crane installs heavy-duty flood defence barriers.


Unmatched Strength

Mini crawler cranes are the ideal addition to any construction fleet due to their ability to safely handle heavy loads. Our strongest crane, the MCC1004, can lift 10 tonnes at up to 2.5 metres (max lifting height of 21.5 metres). The low centre of gravity allows these cranes to lift heavier loads with a lower risk of the crane tipping.


No Terrain is Too Bumpy

These machines are designed to navigate difficult landscapes, such as hills, mountains, and other uneven surfaces. With their small size and powerful engines, mini crawler cranes offer a great solution for tackling challenging terrain. They provide reliable performance even in the most extreme surfaces with their traction system that has between 13 – 25˚ gradeability. This means the mini crawler crane can endure a higher maximum and downhill angle.

See how our MCC500D faired on Canvey Island lifting an excavator over a sea wall.

GGR Group's MCC500D Mini Crawler Crane lifting an excavator over a sea wall on Canvey Island.

GGR Group’s MCC500D Mini Crawler Crane lifting an excavator over a sea wall on Canvey Island.


Reach New Heights With Its Telescopic Boom

Just like a telescope the telescopic boom of our mini crawler cranes expand and contract into themselves to achieve height. Even in small spaces, the mini crawler crane can shrink its boom as needed to enter and exit; this means a significant amount of height can still be reached thanks to the telescopic boom’s retractability.

See our MCC1005 putting its telescopic boom to work here.


Never Leave a Load Behind

Due to the mini crawler crane’s tracks and low centre of gravity, it means they have a significant pick and carry ability making transporting heavy loads around the site much easier. There is no need for extra machinery to bring your loads over to the crane as this machine can take on many of the required lifting tasks on site. The gradeabilty means loads can also be moved across most uneven surfaces. And the deep treads on the tracks provide the needed grip for a stable journey with the pick and carry load.

Our MCC804 proved its pick and carry ability with this job in Leicester city centre.


GGR Group is the no.1 supplier of lifting solutions and has a wide range of crawler cranes that are suited to your needs. If you want to read more about this product, click here. To enquire about how to hire a mini crawler crane you can call us or contact our experts here.

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