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When seeing cranes on construction sites you may not realise that the majority will be on hire for that particular job. The reality is that most companies don’t need the constant use of a crane and will often need different types of plant depending on the job. There are advantages to crane hire and buying a crane but these advantages will depend on your situation. The majority of our products are available for hire and sale as we realise our customers have different needs and want everyone to have access to our innovative products. Throughout this blog, we’ll outline the main four reasons you should choose to hire instead of buy.

GF42 Pick and Carry Crane and P11104 Glass Vacuum Lifter before a lift.

GF42 Pick and Carry Crane and P11104 Glass Vacuum Lifter before a lift.

Crane Hire is Flexible

With the ever-changing technology today it’s not uncommon for your crane to become out of date within a few years. While still usable you may find a new crane has come out with better fuel efficiency, a higher lifting capacity, or special features. At GGR Group we are always bringing innovative technology to the market with the most up-to-date features that are beneficial to our customers. With such frequent updates to our range of state-of-the-art machinery, it is very possible you will miss out on new and better cranes.

The flexibility of hiring was demonstrated in this case study where one of our repeat customers hired two cranes from us.

Hiring is Convenient

With three depots across the UK and a range of dealers, you are never too far from one of our cranes which we can often get out to you at short notice. Our cranes can be with you any time you need due to GGR’s amazing crane transport vehicles. Once you receive your rental crane you will be able to see for yourself how useful it is and in the process. If during the use of the crane you find that you might need a different product GGR group is always happy to try to find different arrangements and send out a new machine for you.

At this lift last year we were hired last minute after the customer’s original lift plan failed. GGR Group came through and was able to send out one of our URW-706-2 Mini Spider Cranes out that night.

We Provide Professional Support

When renting a crane, you’re not just left to your own devices we can be with you every step of the way if you need it. Depending on your needs we can just provide the crane, or we can also transport the crane to you, provide you with qualified operators, supervisors, and slingers so the lift can be done perfectly. On top of this, we offer lift plans which means we take care of all the meticulous planning and knowledge work that goes into the lift such as surveying the location, a lift summary, and all the physics and mathematics that go into it.

At one of our recent lifts the client requested a contract lift where we needed to lift a glass robot onto a first-floor car park before performing the glass lift ourselves.

Crane Hire Saves Money

An Oscar 800 Offroad Glazing Robot being lifted by a UNIC ECO-706 Mini Spider Crane.

An Oscar 800 Offroad Glazing Robot being lifted by a UNIC ECO-706 Mini Spider Crane.

When you’re not sure what type of crane you need, or your needs are always changing hiring works out cheaper than buying multiple crane types. If you’re not planning on using your crane constantly the downtime on the machine can end up being costly as you aren’t able to get your money’s worth within an adequate time frame.

Purchasing a crane also comes with the responsibility of maintenance and other expenses which can leave you with more costs. If your crane is having a lot of downtime maintenance costs can seem expensive since you’ve not had much use out of the machine.

This Christmas tree lift at a shopping centre saved the customer some money as the crane rental was much cheaper than buying for something they only need twice a year.


When deciding between hiring or buying a crane it’s important to consider what benefits both will have for you. GGR Group offer both for our cranes and other plant so no matter what you decide we will have an option for you. To find out more about hiring or purchasing our products you can contact us by phone or clicking here. As the no.1 company for lifting solutions, our team are always happy to help.

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