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A crane is a massive staple of the construction industry and will often be the first thing people think of when talking about construction equipment but what is the use of a crane?  With modern advancements, cranes have broadened their use across many projects; the designs of cranes have developed to where many look nothing alike and have many different capabilities. With so many crane options available now you can find one to help with any project.

What Capabilities Cranes Have

At GGR Group we provide a few different types of cranes to the market such as Mini Spider Cranes, Crawler Cranes, and Pick and Carry Cranes. These cranes offer different abilities that can be applied to a range of projects with different requirements. Below we discuss the use of a crane and what crane is best for that use.

Mini Spider Crane installing Jurassic t-rex

GGR Group installs a T-rex using their URW-706-2 Mini Spider Crane.

Heavy Lifting Power

Cranes give you the power you need for lifting anything you need on a construction site, their structures specially designed for out lifting any other product in the industry in both height and weight. From tower cranes to mini cranes, they will always be noted for their sheer strength.

One of our best heavy-lifting cranes is the Mini Spider Crane which features four outriggers designed for providing complete balance across most terrains and the max lifting weight possible. Recently our URW-706-2 Mini Spider Crane partook in an indoor heavy lift, demonstrating the advantages of its small size while still achieving a heavy lift. In this lift at a shopping centre, the crane travelled through the site independently, easily fitting through doorways and under bridges. At location on the ground floor piazza, a 1.5-tonne T-rex statue needed lifting. The spider crane was able to easily lift and position the statue with a little help from some slings to wrap around it.

To see this lift in action you can watch it here.

Lifting on Rough Terrain

Many cranes are specially designed for the use of rough terrain due to commonly being needed on construction sites that often have mud and debris. By selecting a crane that is suited to rough terrain you can avoid many problems that come with use on low bearing or uneven ground. See the use of a crane with rough terrain suitability below.

Our MCC500D Mini Crawler Crane showed off its ability to overcome rough terrain here. The project was based on the coast of Canvey Island where the crane had to drive over wet grass and a pebble pathway but the crane’s wide base, track types, and ±20˚ gradeability meant the machine could manoeuvre over the uneven ground.

GGR Group's TMC 25 Articulated Crawler Crane and Hydraulica 1200 Glass Vacuum Lifter installing glazing at a shopping centre.

GGR Group’s TMC 25 Articulated Crawler Crane and Hydraulica 1200 Glass Vacuum Lifter installing glazing at a shopping centre.

Lift, Shift and Place

The most important part of a crane is its ability to be able to lift and place objects as it enables increased productivity as materials can be moved throughout site quickly and materials can be installed with ease.

Our G120 Pick and Carry Crane proved its materials-moving ability here when it had to shift 5-tonne pieces of confectionary machinery from a mezzanine to the floor. The machine used its impressive pick and carry ability and 12-tonne capacity to easily shift these loads with ease. The 180˚ rear hydraulic steering also added effortless manoeuvrability in the tight space of the factory.

Effortlessly Lift Glass

Cranes are a great option for a glass install as they have the tried-and-true tested ability to lift heavy objects so they are more than capable of joining forces with a glass vacuum lifter for the most efficient lift. Using a crane rather than a glazing robot also means you can choose to add additional tools to your lift such as an overhang beam for positioning glazing in deep soffits.

One of our joint projects included a TMC25 Articulated Crawler Crane and a Hydraulica 1200 Glass Vacuum Lifter to install 8m long glazing in a shopping centre. The crane was able to be folded up and driven through the building using the radio remote control. With its 2.5-tonne capacity it could also easily lift the combined weight of the glazing and the glass vacuum lifter. The four outriggers also provided extra stability for full use of the machine’s continuous 360˚ rotation.


GGR Group supplies cranes that have many more advantages than what has been mentioned in this blog, as no.1 for lifting solutions we have developed products we know can achieve what our customers are searching for. To learn more about what our cranes or other products can do for you contact our team by phone or by clicking here.

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