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As the no.1 for lifting solutions, GGR Group have an extensive portfolio of contract lifts from almost 30 years in business. From the beginning, the demand for contract lifts was apparent due to the disproportionate amount of trained and experienced plant operators to the plant machinery needed on projects.

Due to this GGR Group has developed their team of trained professionals with CPCS and RTITB qualified staff and CAD experts. As leaders in the industry GGR Group like to ensure their customers can always have what they need to make a project successful.

TMC 525 Articulated Crawler Crane lifting a metal tree at a Yorkshire park.

TMC 525 Articulated Crawler Crane lifting a metal tree at a Yorkshire park.

Who Needs a Contract Lift?

There is no set answer on ‘who’ needs a contract lift as anyone could need one even if they have experience with plant operation. The question is more so when do you need a contract lift?

The need for a contract lift can depend on many things such as what training you have and the difficulty of the job. You will need to assess your own capabilities and decide if you are competent/confident enough to perform the lift while also following HSE and government rules. You will also more than likely need a valid CPCS card to operate your crane on a job site as most contractors will require that you have one.

If you find yourself in a position where you feel you don’t have access to anyone skilled enough to operate the machinery you need you should always aim to hire someone who is or get a contract lift which will cover almost everything you need.

What is a Contract Lift?

A contract lift is a way of covering all possible lift requirements without needing to hire many different people individually. You can achieve everything you want by choosing a contract lift while feeling confident in their ability to do it. However, it is always best to check the company you are receiving the contract lift from has all the needed accreditations such as a CPCS-qualified Appointed Person, crane operator, crane supervisor, and slinger/signaller which GGR Group always provides when you choose them.

Our contract lift service covers whatever your lift needs including a site survey, lift plan, risk assessment, and a dedicated lift team. This covers the majority of what a lift requires, meaning all you need to do is provide access to the job and other easy tasks. By using this service you can reduce the risk and financial costs that potentially come with trying to do it all yourself.


  • You won’t have to take responsibility for loss or damage to the crane and equipment while it is on-site.
  • The crane hire company will insure the goods being lifted against loss or damage.
  • You won’t be held financially responsible for extended hire charges if the equipment is not functional and up to standard.
  • The company will take on legal liability for injury of the operator, third parties, and damage to buildings caused by the lift itself.
A Tracked Leveller 6.0 replacing a circuit breaker at a power station.

A Tracked Leveller 6.0 replacing a circuit breaker at a power station.

Why Get a Contract Lift with GGR Group?

After almost 30 years of business in plant hire GGR Group is known as the go-to for lifting solutions due to our innovative products, always aiming to bring beneficial technology to the market. Our contract lift customers choose to come back to us again and again, trusting us to work on high-profile and complicated jobs as we always complete them with efficiency and accuracy.

One of our recent contract lifts was at a Yorkshire Park where the customer hired our team and a TMC 525 Articulated Crawler Crane to install metal tree sculptures. The team ensured the proper use of the crane and installed the structures in a timely manner.

GGR was also chosen to complete a lift for the replacement of a circuit breaker at a power station where a UNIC URW-706 Mini Spider Crane and a Tracked Leveller 6.0 were needed. This duo made quick work of this lift due to the GGR staff applying their experience so that it could run smoothly.


Our dedicated team can provide you with all the answers you need, giving you a step-by-step on what our products and contract lift service can do for you. If you need a contract lift or need to ask a few questions you can either speak to us by phone or by clicking here.

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