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A mobile crane is a machine that can be moved independently to outside sources, usually through wheels or tracks that are part of the crane. The types of mobile cranes vary and have been developed for use in different jobs, such as tracked cranes which are best for rough terrain or fume-free cranes which can be used in low-emission zones.

Mobile Cranes

At GGR Group we supply a range of mobile cranes that can meet the requirements of most projects you have. Below we’ll discuss what it means for these cranes being mobile and what features they have to enhance mobility.

MCC1004 Mini Crawler Crane assisting with building a sewer on the River Thames.

MCC1004 Mini Crawler Crane assisting with building a sewer on the River Thames.

Crawler Crane

The Mini Crawler Crane is one of our most impressive machines due to its pick and carry ability as well as its compact size and impressive strength. The Crawler Crane comes with wide tracks that both provide stability and enable the operator to travel across rugged landscapes and rough construction sites. The tracks have an impressive gradient which allows the crane to travel across uneven ground along with a hydraulic blade on some of them which levels out the uneven ground ahead.

One of our favourite Mini Crawler Cranes is the MCC1004, our largest Sunward crane that also has a Euro Stage V engine – an ideal addition that allows the crane to be used in London’s Low Emission Zone. This machine is a great traveller with a 7.5-tonne pick and carry capacity for shifting loads on site.

The MCC383 is our smallest Pick and Carry crane which is both excellent at travelling independently and for transporting via truck due to its tiny 1740mm width. Despite its small stature it has a maximum capacity of 2.93 tonnes and a 1.4-tonne pick and carry capacity. This particular crane also comes with a hydraulic blade which enhances its mobility on rough terrain.

To read more about the advantages of a Mini Crawler Crane click here or see it at work here.

Spider Crane

The Mini Spider Crane range we supply typically travel on tracks, except for some of the ECO UNICs which have low-marking wheels. These handy mini cranes are able to be folded into an easily transportable size, either by their tracks or loading the machine onto trucks. The tracks offer excellent gradeability for travel over rough ground conditions and the wheels of the ECO UNIC are perfect for indoor work as the tyres will easily glide over indoor flooring without leaving any unattractive marks.

One of our most popular Mini Spider Cranes was recently used to install a 1.5-tonne T-rex figure for an event as described in our blog here. The UNIC URW-706-2 Mini Spider Crane is one of our largest spider cranes with a 6-tonne maximum capacity which is exceptionally strong in comparison to its size. The crane has four outriggers that stabilise the body of the crane so it is able to make such heavy lifts. This crane was perfect for the above project as it easily drove through the

Our ECO UNIC cranes are also a formidable asset when needing a mobile crane as they can prevent increased pollution when the crane is travelling around site. This crane boasts all the same benefits of a diesel spider crane in its easy mobility on site and inside buildings but with none of the worry of fumes in clean air environments.

Pick and Carry Crane

These cranes have no need for outriggers which makes it ideal for switching between jobs and shifting multiple loads in succession. With the majority of these cranes having rear hydraulic steering they have better agility and a reduced turning arc for easier manoeuvrability on-site and a quick pick and carry rate. These cranes have the option of a rechargeable battery which produces zero emissions so will be an ideal machine for working around sensitive environments or trying to reach your zero emissions goals.

Our popular G20 Pick and Carry Crane is the smallest of this range with just a 935mm width – perfect for slipping through double doorways and narrow alleys. Able to lift its own weight of 2 tonnes it is uniquely strong and features a hydraulic boom for generating enough power for heavy lifts. Here the G20 teams up with a vacuum lifter and lifts a combined weight of 650kg including the glazing and lifter.

The GF250 is the highest capacity lifter of our Pick and Carry Cranes at 25 tonnes which means it is able to lift things such as machinery and concrete blocks. It is great for any larger projects you have but it still sports a compact size despite its large capacity, the boom can also expand to an impressive length of 11 metres while lifting up to 12 tonnes.

UNIC URW-1006 Mini Spider Crane offshore in Scotland.

UNIC URW-1006 Mini Spider Crane offshore in Scotland.

Mobile Gantry Crane

While these are not a well-known type of crane, they are perfect for smaller jobs where loads only need to be transported a short distance over even surfaces. You can achieve a reasonable lifting height and weight capacity and quickly move around site without needing much time to set it up. The Mobile Gantry Crane can also be dismantled and easily fit into a van for use at other jobs.

Our Mobile Gantry Crane 5000 is our highest capacity of the group with an impressive 5 tonnes of lifting power along with a lifting height of 4.04 metres – suitable for many of your reasonably heavy lifting tasks such as HVAC equipment or water lock gates.

You can view more of our Mobile Gantry Cranes here.


You may find when you come to choose the perfect mobile crane for your project that you are not familiar with the particular model or that you need some extra training on handling a mobile crane. GGR Group, no.1 for lifting solutions, has developed a range of specially designed courses with all the relevant accreditations and endorsements needed to reassure you of the high-quality education you will receive. For more information take a look at our courses here or contact our team.

As a leading plant hire company, we are always introducing new mobile cranes and other plant to the market, with many of our products being the first in the UK market. To learn more about our mobile cranes and products you can speak to our team who are always happy to help and assist you in designing a bespoke lift plan.

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