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Designed to bring eco-friendly lifting power to construction and other industries this Green Lifter crane can be used in a variety of ways. Change how you approach lifting solutions on-site with a product that can deliver on your carbon goals and job requirements.

The Benefits of a Green Lifter

As a compact electro-hydraulic crane that can be adjusted to fit the needs of the user this crane is ideal for many workspaces. Apart from being easily transportable due to its easily divided parts the crane also offers other beneficial alterations. For safer lifts the Green Lifter has built-in wheeled stabilisers which can be pulled out for better balance. This makes it easy to fit into narrow spaces as the stabilisers can easily be retracted or even moved to the front of the crane.

Green Lifter Crane lifting glazing.

Green Lifter Crane lifting glazing.

With a 900kg capacity users can lift a great range of materials such as large glazing units and steel beams. Compatible with many below-the-hook lifting devices you can implement this product in many projects. The included radio remote control gives operators full mobility around the crane and controls the movement of the boom. Using this remote the crane can reach a max lifting height of 3.9m which is ideal for lifting loads at a 1-storey height.

The Green Lifter has integrated lifting points in the underside of the machine for easy insertion of the forks. This feature allows you to lift the Green Lifter onto awaiting transport and other locations without unnecessary manual handling. With the Green Lifter crane, you will never be short of power with its 8-hour battery life. Compact with removable counterweights this machine is also easy to put on charge during breaks and overnight. The Green Lifter can also lift plenty due to its electro-hydraulic controls and counterweights.

Products Similar to the Green Lifter Crane

If you’re looking for a product like the Green Lifter we have a wide range of cranes that operate similarly, a higher capacity, or similar design.

Glassboy 850 Floor Crane

Although this crane is not powered and has a lower lifting capacity it is still an ideal alternative for those that want a simple device. The Glassboy 850 has an impressive 850kg capacity (just 50kg less than the Green Lifter) and is easy to transport with its removable counterweights and swivel wheels.

UNIC ECO-095 Mini Spider Crane

Do you want something that produces zero emissions but has a bit more power? The ECO-095 has a 995kg capacity as well as a 3.5m max lifting height. It also has low-marking tyres making it suitable for indoor projects.

Micro Crane

With a slightly higher capacity the machine also combines electric and hydraulic power like the Green Lifter. The polyurethane wheels are excellent for indoor use and the Micro Crane has a 6.1m max hook height.


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