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Glassboy Floor Crane

When handling heavy and awkward glass units using specially designed tools for lifting is recommended. There is a range of options for ensuring the safety of your team and reducing stock loss. One of our favourites at GGR Group is the Glassboy Floor Crane, a simple lifting aid with a hydraulic lifting arm and included counterweights. This product comes in three types: 330, 500, and 850.

A GGR Group Glassboy and electric hoist.

A GGR Group Glassboy and electric hoist.

What Are They Used For?

Used for transporting materials the compact Glassboy can be folded up for easy transport between projects, then easily erected again. The provided counterweights should be added to the partitioned part of the frame and secured. Using the long handle, you can pump it to activate the hydraulic arm and raise it into position. Your glass vacuum lifter can then be attached to the winch.

The Glassboy can be easily rolled between short distances and secured in place with its lockable wheels. The adjustable arm extension provides better reach which is ideal for overhangs and difficult locations. There is also an optional electric hoist which you can use to easily lift loads from the ground.

If you want more information on using the Glassboy you can take one of our eLearning courses that are accredited by LEEA.

GGR Group's 330 Glassboy lifting an iron gun at the Mary Rose Museum.

GGR Group’s 330 Glassboy lifting an iron gun at the Mary Rose Museum.

Our Glassboy Floor Cranes have done some of their best work at the Olympics at the Central Park Bridge which provided a way over the waterways surrounding the Olympic Stadium. The Glassboy was hired to assist with the installation of mirror polished stainless steel on the bridge.

The Glassboy 330 was also used for lifting steel and iron for the Mary Rose Museum. First, it assisted in the installation of steel brackets and then attaching a 300kg wrought iron gun using a sling on the Glassboy. This product was the ideal fume-free option for this enclosed environment with sensitive museum artefacts. The Glassboy still had the strength needed for the project as our smallest capacity Glassboy.

For more information on our Glassboys or other glass lifting equipment, you can contact us here or by phone to talk directly to one of our experts.


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