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Cranes are one of the most efficient tools in the construction market, being used across almost every type of job. Through innovative development over the centuries, we are now at a point in the market where there is always a crane type made for solving your problems. But despite the differences cranes have developed over the years GGR Group tries to stay consistent in some main benefits of their cranes so their customers always know what to expect. Below we have the top features that all our cranes have and the benefits of using cranes.

Flexible and Compact Design

One of the benefits of using cranes is that our cranes are designed to be as compact and flexible to their environments as possible, able to fold to their most compact size while still being operable to drive through tight spaces and many offer unique capabilities for reaching awkward spaces and angles.

UNIC URW-094 Mini Spider Crane installing a lamp in Manchester City Centre.

UNIC URW-094 Mini Spider Crane installing a lamp in Manchester City Centre.

One of our popular compact cranes is the G20 Pick and Carry Crane, a small but surprisingly strong and mobile crane that can handle loads larger than itself and manoeuvre through small doors, as shown in this video. This crane has an impressive 2-tonne max capacity and great balance for handling awkward loads, the 180˚ hydraulic drive makes steering effortless for the smoothest pick and carry lift possible.

Fast Setup and Efficient Operation

Another of the benefits of using cranes from GGR Group is that, unlike other industrial cranes, we pride ourselves in supplying cranes that are simple to set up and easy to use as we know how frustrating it can be when you are ready to start work but you’re finding it impossible to even get the crane up and going.

Some of our most easy to use and set-up cranes are our Mini Spider Cranes – while they may look complicated due to beginning as folded and compact outriggers and a boom before set up they can actually very easily be set up with much of the work being done by the machine itself. Using the controls, you can release the outriggers slowly with time to make adjustments around the machine so the legs can be placed correctly. Here in this recent video, we show how easy the UNIC URW-094 Mini Spider Crane is to set up even in a confined and busy street.

However, if you are hiring a crane with no experience we have operators available for hire along with your crane. To achieve the best and safest lift you should always use a qualified operative which is why we have operators easily available to help you complete a job, to ask about our operatives you can contact us here.

A UNIC ECO-095 Mini Spider Crane installing canopy glazing.

A UNIC ECO-095 Mini Spider Crane installing canopy glazing.

Cost Effectiveness

In hiring a crane from us you are guaranteed to get the job done quicker as the high lifting capacities mean there is no need to invest in larger machines that use more diesel or energy. Our machines have a long run time so you can get more done without needing to stop to refuel therefore you can focus on completing your lifts.

One of our most cost-effective cranes overall is our range of ECO UNIC Mini Spider Cranes which are fully electric and rechargeable. These cranes are cost-effective as you can use them anywhere without the worry of sensitive environments so there is no need to hire an extra product for indoor projects. In this project, our ECO-095 installed canopy glazing from inside a hotel.

Another way your crane hire can be cost-effective is by hiring one of our CPCS-trained operators who have extensive experience in operating our machinery. As our operators are already familiar with the cranes there is no need for them to get used to the controls and they can dive straight into the job, getting the lift done much quicker. It also means you will have less cost for maintenance as our operators will know how to use the machine and be less likely to make mistakes.


Our cranes are convenient to use but also conveniently located with three of our depots across the UK there will always be a crane within travelling distance of your job. Our cranes as products themselves are also convenient to use as they have smart features and easy-to-use controls to enhance user experience and practicality.

Our MCC1004 Mini Crawler Crane is a great example of a convenient machine that most notably has a Euro Stage V engine, making it great for use in London’s Low Emission Zone – this makes working around restrictions such as this simple as you have all the 10-tonne lifting power and none of the high emissions. The MCC1004 demonstrated the convenience of its abilities in this project where it was needed to lift workers in and out of a deep shaft in replacement of a stair tower which would be too bulky. The crane increased the productivity of the job as it allowed more materials to be lowered into the shaft and a quicker movement of personnel.


GGR Group is the no.1 for lifting solutions and supplies a range of innovative and bespoke cranes and products, every machine designed for purpose. To discuss what lifting solutions we have for you contact our expert team by phone or by clicking here. To see more on the benefits of using cranes click here.

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