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IcelandA UNIC spider crane has been put to work on a new hydroelectric power station in Iceland.

The 706 mini crane is being used to lift and place concrete and steel beams inside a mountain whilst providing vital support to overhead cranes. With its 6 tonne capacity, this machine is the behemoth of the mini crane world and is able to complete to help complete this lifting project with ease.

The UNIC 706 is one of the biggest mini cranes in the range, possessing 6 tonnes of lifting power, yet still compact enough for lifting in a confined space. From power stations to marinas, shopping centres to roof top operations, the UNIC URW-706 has the perfect combination of working flexibility and power. This mini-crane is capable of handling loads of 6 tonnes to a radius of 3 metres
and a height of 7.2 metres. An optional searcher hook and a 3.1m long fly jib deliver a maximum hook height of 22.7m. The new 706-2 hydraulic searcher hook provides a maximum hook height of 25.9m.

Graeme Riley, chief executive of UNIC Cranes Europe, said: “It’s fantastic to see the URW-706 being used on prominent international projects. With its six tonnes of lifting power but still compact enough to get into small spaces, it’s perfect for a wide range of jobs.

The UNIC URW-706 can be controlled from the operators driving seat or by a fully function radio remote control for precise placement of loads. Digital feedback and data logging are also available as extras.

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