By: Kelly Holdaway On: September 06, 2011 In: Blog Comments: 0

Mighty Machines!

One of our Unic spider cranes has made friends with a JCB 535 telehandler this week. The spider crane was on hire at JCB’s Headquarters in Staffordshire to help glaze the reception exterior.

The 3 tonne crane was combined with GGR’s slimline DSZ2 vacuum lifter which is only 180mm deep yet can lift glass weighing up to 750kg. Our crane operator Paul provided a steady pair of hands.

Andy Wadsworth, our Health & Safety Manager and JCB enthusiast used to drive JCB 530 telehandlers so was super excited by these photos. We love you Andy.

Mini crane and JCB 535 Telehandler

Mini crane and DSZ2 vacuum lifter glazing JCB reception

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