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2017-05-25-PHOTO-00000058GGR’s mighty UNIC URW-1006 mini crane was commissioned to help with an intricate reglaze, on a domestic  renovation project.

Perfect for sites with restricted access and with a capacity of 10 tonnes, the UNIC URW 1006 was the natural option for this hard to reach install location.

The new glazing panels had to be installed in the centre of the property, with limited access to the installation area, but the 1006 made easy work of this project 2017-05-25-PHOTO-00000057thanks to its unbeatable working radius and mighty lifting capacity. The URW-1006 spider crane was able to lift, boom and lower the glazing panels to their install location, from a working radius of 13 metres – a perfect challenge for the mighty URW-1006.

The UNIC URW-1006 is only 2 metres wide and is also fitted with a state-of-the-art safe load indicator with high resolution colour LCD display. It also comes with a radio remote control which gives operator feedback for safer lifting; this technology regularly proves invaluable for projects of this kind.

Working with, the Hydraulica 1000B glass vacuum lifter, the URW-1006 was able to tackle this complex re-glaze with ease and accuracy. The versatility of the Hydraulica 1000-B meant it was able to lift the glazing panels from an upright position, rotate them and then flatten the glass with its 90° powered tilt function.

The two glazing units measured 3400mm x 1825mm and weighed a respectable 350kg, but this was no problem for the Hydraulica 1000-B 1000kg lifting capacity. The glass was successfully installed with precision, thanks to GGRs highly trained operators

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