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Starworker 1600A Starworker 1600 and a MRTA611 glass vacuum lifter recently teamed up to help replace a glass panel on a Tesco build, in Hempstead.

The glass panel was located on the roof of the large supermarket, making the MRTA11 glass vacuum lifter and Starworker 1600 trailer crane the perfect combination for the job.

The 1.2m x 3m broken glass panel weighed 200kg and was located on the roof of the store, approximately 9 metres from the ground. Boasting a lifting capacity of 1.6 tonnes and a maximum lifting height of an exceptional 30 metres, the Starworker 1600 trailer crane made easy work of this glass replacement.

The Woods Powr-Grip MRTA611 glass vacuum lifter is a slender glass vacuum lifter, offering a lifting capacity of up to 500kg.

This glass lifter is ideal for lifting longer pieces of glass thanks to its six-in-line vacuum pads. It includes features such as a 180° manual rotation and a 90° tilt, perfect for installations of this kind where manoeuvrability and precision placement of glass is crucial.

Together, these machines were the perfect duo for this glass replacement, just in time for the store to reopen.

For more information on the Powr-Grip MRTA611, click here.

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