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When it comes to lifting and installing big glass in a confined area, GGR Group are always on hand to make the process easy, seamless and most importantly, safe. Our range of specialist lifting equipment is regularly used for some of the trickiest and most complex glazing projects in the UK.

The battery powered TMC25 articulated crawler crane and Hydraulica 1200 glass vacuum lifter were recently hired from GGR Group to help glaze the front of this new Nike shop in Westfield, London.

Firstly, the TMC25 had to help lift and remove the hoarding from the shopfront to make way for the new glazing to be installed. Together, the TMC25 and Hydraulica 1200 Glass Vacuum Lifter then had to pick the glass from the glass stillages, rotate into an upright position, manoeuvre and guide into place to enable the fixers to install.

The glass, weighing in at nearly a tonne and measuring a whopping 8 metres in length and 1.6 metres in width, was no challenge for our team of experienced operators and specialised lifting kit!

The Hydraulica 1200 Glass Vacuum lifter was the ideal choice for this project thanks to its generous 1200kg lifting capacity and 90 degree powered hydraulic tilt, ideal for manoeuvring, lifting and rotating and placing  oversized glass like this.

The TMC25 articulated crawler crane was selected for this project due to its extremely compact working footprint at just 780mm wide. Its small chassis and heavy lifting power make it ideal for projects of this kind where working space is extremely limited yet lifting capacity cannot be compromised.

This popular mini articulated crane is also fully electric and operated by a Lithium-Ion battery, its zero emissions operation makes it even more perfect for working in sensitive indoor environments like Westfield Shopping centre.

GGR’s range of specialist lifting equipment is regularly hired to help on many shopfront glazing projects – check out our glazing work gallery here.

For GGR Group there is no glazing project too big, too small or too complex. Contact our technical sales team today to see how we can help with you next glass lifting project, contact us here now.

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