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When a somewhat unusual story hit the headlines last week, GGR were surprised to see a huge influx in traffic to the website after a story involving US presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

GGR found that inquiries and hits to the website soared considerably, almost immediately after a man, using suction cups tried to scale the Trump Tower in New York.

After a two hour standoff with Police, the individual was arrested, with the incident making global headlines.

As a result of thousands people searching for suction cups on the internet, seo traffic to GGR’s website increased from the usual 500 per day to a huge spike of over 9,000 in one night.

Daniel Ezzatvar (pictured), GGRs marketing manager, said: “We’ve never seen anything quite like this before. Usually, traffic to our website follows a reasonably steady pattern, but to get 20 times the amount of traffic in one day is unheard of”.

“When I saw that the visitors were landing on a blog post titled ‘Can you use suction cups to scale a skyscraper?’ I immediately thought of the Trump Tower story but we didn’t expect it to have such a positive impact on our business.

“The story regarding Trump Tower had a peaceful ending but there is a serious message here. We would always advise anyone using suction cups to ensure they have proper training and use the equipment for the purpose it was intended.”

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