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Floor Cranes are an affordable and compact option for lifting materials in confined areas that don’t need fully powered manoeuvring. You are able to lift higher loads with the assistance of counterweights included with each floor crane. The removable counterweights allow the user to easily transport the crane as after the counterweights have been removed it can be folded up for transport in the back of any standard van.

At GGR Group we supply a range of floor cranes that all have different capabilities suited to different projects. With these products, you can lift below-the-hook devices like glass vacuum lifters for fitting glazing below overhangs or lifting loads from lower to upper floors. As no.1 for lifting solutions, GGR Group have fully tested products that can be trusted for a variety of projects. See below what floor cranes are best suited to you.

Top 3 Floor Cranes

With so many quality floor cranes to choose from it can be hard to choose the best option for you. In a previous blog, we covered our Glassboy Floor Cranes and their best features. Below see what our top floor cranes are now.

GGR Group's 330 Glassboy lifting a iron gun at the Mary Rose Museum.

GGR Group’s 330 Glassboy lifting a iron gun at the Mary Rose Museum.

Glassboy 330

The Glassboy 330 is a popular counterbalanced floor crane due to its quick assembly, portability, and versatility. The compact and reliable Glassboy 330 can raise up to 330kg and has a maximum hook height of 2.7m. It’s great for shop-front glass and fitting below overhangs when used with below-the-hook devices like GGR Group’s vacuum lifters. The Glassboy 330 can be placed between floors or on rooftops for easy load lifting.

The Glassboy 330 lifted wrought iron guns for the Mary Rose Museum. It helped mount steel brackets and then sling the 300kg wrought iron rifles into position. This fume-free solution was perfect for this confined museum area with delicate artefacts.

Glassboy 500

Travel anywhere with this compact Glassboy 500 that can be folded in half to just 800mm tall and weigh as little as 134kg without the counterweights. The lockable wheels allow you to easily roll the floor crane onto transport but remain securely in place when driving around. You can also lift up to 500kg with the hydraulic lifting arm. And lift loads to a hook height of 2.7m.

GGR Group’s Glassboy 500 floor crane and MRT4 Quattro vacuum lifter were used to install protective glass cases for Mayan artefacts at Liverpool World Museum’s new Mayas exhibition. The Glassboy’s 500kg lifting capacity and hydraulic lifting arm allowed the operator to easily place the glass cases without the risk of damaging the important artefacts.

GGR Group's Glassboy 500 installing glass.

GGR Group’s Glassboy 500 installing glass.

Big Foot 450

The Big Foot 450 floor crane is a rough terrain floor crane that can carry larger objects such as glass, stones, machine parts, and more. Weighing 168kg without counterweights it is easier to move around, making it useful for simple installation projects. With a maximum hook height of 2.7m, it can be used along with a range of GGR glass vacuum lifters to install glazing in hard-to-reach areas.

The max capacity of 450kg allows the operator to lift heavy glazing and loads with ease. Its ability to lift such a large amount reduces the need for heavier and more costly machinery for a simple lift. The removable counterweights also allow you to easily transport this crane due to its light weight and foldable frame.


With over 25 years of experience, GGR Group has established a fleet of incredible lifting solut

ions. We always have a product that can help you complete your project. To speak to one of our experts you can contact us by phone or clicking here.

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