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TMC525 Metal Tree LiftOne of GGR’s Articulated Crawler Cranes recently helped lift these metal tree sculptures into place at this Play Park in Yorkshire.

The 14-tonne capacity TMC 525 Articulated Crawler Crane and team of GGR’s operators spent the day lifting and placing these unique metal trees to form part of a new play area.

At just 1850mm wide (folded), the TMC 525 could easily be tracked through the park, passing through tight areas with just a width of 2.5 metres, to make it to its lifting location.

The TMC525 features heavy duty, rubber tracks, making it ideal for travelling and working on rough, uneven terrain like this. This machine also features four outriggers, allowing the weight of the load to be spread evenly for a safe and controlled lift at all times.

Weighing in at 800kg each, this Articulated Crawler Crane made easy work of these metal tree sculptures thanks to its continuous 360 rotation, allowing for maximum control when lifting and manoeuvring the trees from their stillages, to their install position.

The multifunctional radio remote control also provided real time data during lifting and provided better visibility for operators for safer proximity and precise placement of loads where required.

TMC525 Metal Tree Lift

GGR’s Articulated Crawler Cranes and UNIC mini cranes are often hired to help on tricky sculpture installation projects in a variety of locations and industries, view our Art & Sculptures gallery to see more.

Find out more about hiring a TMC 525 Articulated Crawler Crane by contacting our Sales Team here.

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