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GGR Group were recently commissioned to replace a paper machine belt at a factory of a leading manufacturer of branded paper products in the UK.TMC 525 Articulated Crawler Crane

Following an in-depth site survey by GGR’s technical surveyors, one of the immediate challenges presented by this project was the restricted access of the lifting location and entrances to gain access internally.

The positioning of the tension roller was also a factor to consider due to its location behind a multi-floor mezzanine. This would require a crane that had the lifting capacity and ability to reach over the mezzanine structure to successfully lift the 2376kg tension rollers into place.

After a site survey, lift plan, and risk assessment were conducted GGR Group decided their TMC 525 Articulated Crawler Crane was suited for the challenge.

As part of this project, the TMC 525 was tracked through to the working area on diesel before switching to 415v power for the lift. This ensured that the air quality was not affected by a build-up of fumes during lifting operations, something which is crucial when lifting machinery is used in sensitive manufacturing environments such as this.

At just 1850mm wide when folded, the TMC 525 was easily able to pass through the 4m wide shutters and make its way to its lifting location, easily manoeuvring around permanent structures and production machinery on site.

TMC 525 Articulated Crawler Crane

With the customer’s gantry crane expected to be out of service for a minimum of 6 months finding a suitable temporary replacement was essential. Whilst conducting lifting operations in settings such as this where the paper machine belt required replacing every 41 days, it is crucial that downtime and interruptions on day to day operations are limited and that operations can continue as normal, with zero or limited downtime of existing production line machinery. This is where GGR’s specialist lifting equipment comes into its own, with high lifting capacity, battery powered options and compact chassis, our machines are ideal for projects of this kind and help eliminate or reduce the need for any other machine downtime.

Featuring a knuckle boom and 360˚ continuous rotation the TMC 525 was effortlessly able to lift and manoeuvre the 6372-metre-long tension roller into the perfect position for a seamless lift and installation.

Recognised for our specialist lifting capabilities and technical expertise, GGR Group’s lifting products are often involved in the replacement of manufacturing machines, production lines and more, where mobile cranes and other lifting machinery would not be suitable.

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