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Every year GGR Group’s specialist lifting products are relied upon to spread the Christmas spirit by helping to lift and install Christmas trees and other festive

The TMC 25 Electric Articulated Crawler Crane lifting a Christmas tree.

The TMC 25 Electric Articulated Crawler Crane lifting a Christmas tree.

structures across shopping centres and cities in the UK.

GGR’s battery-powered TMC 25 mini crane was recently hired for a full contract lift of a 9m-tall mosaic Christmas tree structure at a shopping centre overnight. Due to the indoor working area, this lift required a machine that was compact, fume-free and versatile.

After a thorough site survey, GGR chose the TMC 25 Electric Articulated Crawler Crane to take on the challenge due to its small working footprint, heavy lifting capacity and ability to move around permanent obstacles on site.

At just 780mm wide and able to fit through a standard doorway, the TMC 25 was first tracked through the shopping centre on top of plywood sheets to prevent damage to the tiled floors. Once at its lifting location, the TMC 25 made easy work of this lift, with each piece of the tree weighing a maximum of 812kg, this articulated mini crane was able to lift each load precisely with the help of TAG lines that gave extra support to the large surface area of the pieces.

This lift required thorough communication between the GGR team and the client’s team as the client would be securing the individual pieces of the tree while GGR’s operator positioned it. The project benefited from the TMC 25’s radio remote control which allowed the operator to accommodate their position to each new piece of the tree. With precision controls, both teams could work much more efficiently as correct load positioning could be achieved quickly. The maximum hook height of 10.4m was also ideal for adding the final pieces to the 9m tall tree.

GGR Group’s lifting solutions are often a popular choice for Christmas lifts similar to these due to our range of mini cranes and zero-emission alternatives. Our cranes combine heavy lifting power with compact machines to ensure our customers can achieve a range of lifting tasks in compact spaces. To find a lifting solution for your own project contact us here.

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