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TMC 25 Articulated Crawler Crane lifts Christmas tree at a shopping centre.

GGR Group’s lifting solutions were needed for another festive Christmas tree install recently to add some festive magic to a shopping centre. This iridescent tree featured an impressive and eye-catching design which would require skill and a delicate touch to lift perfectly.

As this lift was to be performed in a normally busy shopping centre atrium an overnight lift was required. This was to reduce noise and air pollution that would affect shoppers and reduce any potential dangers from having pedestrians nearby. Due to the constraints of the time needed to install the fragile sections of the tree, the lift was to be performed over several nights.

After completing the site survey, lift plan and risk assessment GGR chose the TMC 25 Articulated Crawler Crane to perform this lift.

With a lifting capacity of 2.5 tonnes, the TMC 25 could position the 600kg maximum weight tree sections with ease. Combined with a jib, the TMC 25 has a lift height of 15.65 metres which was ideal for lifting the various sections of the Christmas tree which had a final height of 11.3 metres.

TMC 25 Articulated Crawler Crane lifts Christmas tree at a shopping centre.Measuring at just 780mm wide when its outriggers are tucked away it can easily fit through standard doorways – this was essential when the crane had to fit between bollards at its access point in the car park.

Equipped with continuous 360˚ rotation our operator was able to smoothly lift each section of the Christmas tree without the need to completely reposition the crane each time. The addition of a radio remote control as standard also allowed the operator to move with the load for a better view of the lift.

With over 25 years of experience, GGR Group has the expertise and a selection of lifting equipment suited for indoor projects that require precision and delicacy. Contact us here to discuss your lifting project.

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