By: Kelly Holdaway On: March 20, 2012 In: Blog Comments: 0

After 11 weeks of working on top of what will become Europe’s tallest skyscraper, our Unic URW-706 mini crane has been taken down from its post 283 metres up on the roof of The Shard.

The 6 tonne capacity Unic URW-706 mini spider crane proved to be a great success in assisting the tower crane to glaze the upper floors of this colossal building. The mini crane fitted a total of 440 glass panels to the skyscraper with help from a group of brave abseiling glaziers, and also provided lifting power to level the wing wall beams and poles at the end of The Shard’s fractures.

As you can see, GGR’s own operators also made the most of working in this amazing location by taking a few photos of their impressive surroundings!

All craneage needs to be removed from landmarks on London’s skyline in time for the Olympic Games, so to meet the project’s deadine the mini crane has been operated around the clock these last few weeks to make up any time lost due to high wind speeds.

The customer was impressed with how quick and simple it was to get the mini crane up into position and back down again. Just like its journey to the top of The Shard, the Unic URW-706’s boom and body were lifted down by the tower crane separately. This time the crane was swiftly lowered down with its outriggers closed so it could be put straight into the van and taken back to our Long Crendon depot, ready to go out to its next job.

Take a look at more photos of our mini crane in action at The Shard, including its rise to the top of the building and the Unic URW-706 hard at work lifting from the 87th floor.

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