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F200E Plus crane lifting a GK20 crane

GGR Group has added two brand new pick and carry crane models to our ever-growing hire fleet of compact lifting equipment in time for the New Year. Take your pick from the tracked all-terrain Galizia GK20 model or the Galizia F200E Plus high-capacity electric crane

The 2 tonne capacity GK20 tracked crane is designed to smoothly move over uneven terrain, soft ground and gradients of up to 11.3°. With a 2 tonne lifting capacity, this small but powerful mobile crane is just 820mm wide so it can easily travel through a standard doorway whilst carrying a load.

Powered by a rechargeable 48V battery and controlled with a radio remote, this zero emissions crane has a 5.15 metre maximum working height making it ideal for lifting in warehouses, factories and distribution centres. Along with first class safety features such as a digital safe load indicator and overload warning alarm, the GK20 also features a hydraulic braking system and telescoping boom with a 3.5 metre working radius.

GK20 pick and carry crane

From the petite to the powerful, GGR’s new F200E Plus can lift, shift and place loads weighing up to 20 tonnes and has a generous 6 metre working radius. Unique in the pick and carry crane market, the F200E Plus is the only machine of its capacity and class that is fitted with removable counterweights yet still offers up to 15 tonnes of lifting power with the weights removed.

The F200E Plus has a 9 metre maximum lifting height and can be fitted with a 4 tonne capacity hydraulic searcher hook to reach greater heights of 11.4 metres. For added functionality, this heavy-duty crane can also be used with an optional 16 tonne capacity rhino hook, full 6-fall winch system and radio remote control.

The F200E Plus crane is also easy to move around restricted access areas thanks to the 180° hydraulic steering, two electric motors which power the front wheel drive and a rear safety camera for increased visibility. Fume-free and quiet, this battery-powered model is ideal for installing or repairing machinery in sensitive environments such as food manufacturing facilities and water treatment plants.

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