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Geko 425One of GGR Group’s newest glazing robots has been working its magic. The Geko 425 was recently put into action for inside-out glazing on a building in Salford, Manchester.

The building was under construction and covered in scaffolding, making any glazing job from the outside a tricky situation. Thankfully, the Geko 425 is the perfect solution for inside-out glazing when mini spider cranes or mobile cranes cannot gain access underneath scaffolding.

A number of glass panels were to be installed on the building, weighing between 170kg-190kg.  The panels were picked up by the glazing robot through the panel opening, lifted into position, rotated and placed into the optimum position for install.

This state-of-the-art glazing robots benefits from a unique 3D head with a powered 180° rotation feature, allowing loads to be expertly manipulated to any required angle for ultimate flexibility and manoeuvrability during glass installations.

At just 840mm wide, the Geko 425 glazing robot can move through narrow passages and can easily manoeuvre around obstacles on-site. This machine is able to lift loads of up to 425kg, to a height of up to 2.9 metres.

The Geko 425 is a glazing robot that is built for precision, ultimate control and complete versatility for both outdoor and internal glazing operations.

For more information on the Geko 425, click here.

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