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IMG_0502GGR has Style!

GGR’s versatile below-the-hook vacuum lifters can be fitted with specialist vacuum pads for safely handling different types of textured and coated glass units. For example, an MR1611 glass vacuum lifter was hired from GGR recently to fit shop front glazing to this designer store on New Bond Street in London.

A UNIC URW-706 mini spider crane was used with the vacuum lifter commonly known as ‘Mr Big’ to lift two glass units into position.  The mini crane worked at an 8 metre radius on the pavement and road outside the store to install the larger 5 metre wide unit which weighed 781kg and a smaller 304kg 2.7 metre wide panel.

The MR1611 was fitted with special coated glass vacuum pads to lift the SILATEC non-reflective glass windows and keep them spotlessly clean. These blue pads were ideal as they leave no residue behind on this glass which is otherwise very easily marked due to its anti-reflective coating.   This lifter can handle units weighing up to 1270kg and features removable pad frame extensions for lifting glass of various shapes and sizes.

4All of our customers get the VIP treatment!

This Hydraulica 1000-A vacuum lifter was also fitted with special vacuum pads when it was hired to install rooftop glazing at a private house in London. The Hydraulica machine was used with oblong pads which are suitable for lifting non-porous materials with textured surfaces, such as this textured glass. The adapted vacuum lifter was hooked to a mobile crane to move this large textured glass panel onto the building’s rooftop for installation.

Take a look at our range of lifters suitable for handling textured glass and our specialist suction pads on our Glass Vacuum Lifters page.

For more information about lifting various types of textured and coated glass please get in touch with our technical support team who can provide you with expert advice.



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