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With a powerful robotic arm and high mobility, you can achieve glass lifting precision unlike any other machine. The Oscar 1400 Glazing Robot comes with the amazing ability to rotate glazing a full 360˚ weighing up to 1400kg. The accompanying ability to slew the load 90˚ left and right and tilt it 90˚ up and down means the operator can achieve the most accurate installation possible. This robot also benefits from a powered side shift function which can be used for shifting the glazing into place.

Oscar 1400 Glazing Robot installing art in a gallery.

Oscar 1400 Glazing Robot installing art in a gallery.

The Oscar 1400 Glazes Modern Offices

This range are a favourite for glazing in modern buildings and offices that require larger glazing units. They are especially popular due to their ability to install inside out glazing because of their hydraulically powered robotic arm which can extend to 2.3m. This also allows the operator to easily install glass in overhangs and recesses.

For a job in Leeds the Oscar 1400 was selected to install 7 large glazing units. These ground-floor units were 3.7m tall and weighed 500kg. Using the Oscar’s amazing motion range it was able to remove the units from the waiting glass stillages and transport them to the installation location.

By using the Oscar 1400 the glaziers were able to install the glass at a steady pace. The machine could hold it in place for as long as needed without the time restrictions of manual handling. Included with a radio remote control the Oscar 1400 is easy to use as the operator has the freedom of movement to view the installation from every angle.

The Oscar 1400 and the GGR Group team were able to successfully install all 7 glazing units. Making use of the machine’s features such as wheeled stabilisers for keeping the machine level when travelling with loads. With the large spread of the cups the Oscar could easily manipulate the glass as the pads supported it from multiple points.

Installing Glazing with Artistic Precision

Being highly suitable for indoor spaces due to its small size and solid rubber wheels the Oscar 1400 is perfect for working inside art galleries. The rechargeable battery makes it ideal for working around artwork and other sensitive environments as there are fewer fumes than a diesel product.

The Oscar 1400 was selected to install 3 glass art pieces at the White Cube Gallery in London. With the installation point being in the basement the Oscar was transported to the lower level in the goods lift. The Oscar 1400’s small size allowed it to easily squeeze inside.

An Oscar 1400 Glazing Robot installing glazing at an office in Leeds.

An Oscar 1400 Glazing Robot installing glazing at an office in Leeds.

Once the artwork was posted down to the basement it was secured to the Oscar’s vacuum pads. Due to the priceless value of the artwork, it was important to use a glazing robot that had safety precautions. The dual vacuum circuit system meant that in the unlikely chance of one vacuum circuit failing the other would be able to support the load for longer until it could be lowered to the ground.

With the powered tilt and rotate functions, the GGR Group operator was able to use their expert skills to successfully install the art. Due to doorways and other obstacles, the art had to first be positioned in a portrait position. The operator carefully used the Oscar to carry the art through the gallery before reaching the installation point. Using the 360˚ rotate ability the art was then swivelled back to landscape for installation.

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