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GSK200 stone vacuum lifterA UNIC URW-095 mini spider crane assisted a GSK200 stone vacuum lifter to lift stone slabs into place at the world famous Wimbledon Tennis Courts.

For this project, stone copings had to be installed along the top of walls for important refurbishment works. The flat, horizontal stone copings weighed in from 77kg-156kg and had to be lifted from the ground and then placed onto the wall for installation.

The GSK200 stone vacuum lifter boasts a lifting capacity of up to 300kg, whilst providing the strength and stability required when handling loads. With a constant running single circuit vacuum system, this stone lifting device offers a safer and simpler lift.

GSK200 stone vacuum lifterAssisting the GSK200, a UNIC URW-095 provided precise control. Boasting a lifting capacity of up to almost 1 tonne, this mini spider crane helped the stone vacuum lifter and its multiple loads be manoeuvred into their optimum install position.

This stone vacuum lifter is designed to be applied to stone type materials including porous sandstone, limestone, polished granite and marble.

For more information on the GSK200, click here.

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