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Usually we all love Fridays as it’s nearly the weekend, but this week the superstitious amongst you will be extra cautious as it is Friday the 13th! Paraskevidekatriaphobia is a fear of this unlucky day, so to help those who might be a bit worried about getting out of bed this morning GGR has come up with a couple of ways that you can make sure you stay safe this Friday the 13th

Glassmax hoist lifting mirrorDon’t break any mirrors

Breaking a mirror means a whole seven years of bad luck, as according to mythology the person’s soul is trapped inside it! To avoid any potential soul stealing, a Glassmax manual hoist was used to lift this large circular mirror into position at this Oxfordshire restaurant.

This UNIC mini crane was used with a GL-UMC600 glass manipulator to install mirrored panels to a ceiling.  GGR’s UNIC mini cranes sport a bright red paint job, which means that they are lucky cranes to use on site as red is the colour of good fortune in Chinese culture.

Find a lucky horseshoe

When using a mini crane to install this impressive steel sculpture we tried to find a giant horseshoe but no such luck! If you manage to find any around Trinity Leeds shopping centre remember pick it up with your right hand, spit on one end, make a wish then throw it over your left shoulder (carefully!)


Knock on wood

UNIC URW-376 lifting wooden beams at indoor theatreDruids believed that if you knocked on wood after saying something the good spirits that lived inside the trees would help your wish to come true. GGR’s crane operator probably had a sneaky knock on one of the wooden beams he was lifting at this new theatre at Shakespeare’s Globe to get some extra help from the spiritual world in making the job run smoothly.



To make sure that you stay safe this Friday 13th and every other day of the year, take a look at GGR’s wide range of safer lifting solutions for hire and purchase, as well as PPE and glazing tools for sale on the GGR Glass online shop.

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